Service Offering in all Provinces

Our services include the following:

  • Applications for new Liquor Licenses. (Both under the National and Provincial Liquor Acts.)
  • Applications for transfer of Liquor licenses.
  • Applications for appointment of Managers
  • Applications for Catering or Occasional Permits
  • Applications for alterations and extension of licensed premises.
  • Applications for a Micro Manufacturers Liquor License.
  • Establishment of new Liquor related businesses from the lease agreement, application for a Liquor License, equipment, stock and finally opening of the business.
  • Assistance with the purchase of a Liquor Related or other Business. This includes a Purchase agreement, transfer of the Liquor License, hand over procedure of the new business and advertisements in terms of Section 34 of the Insolvency Act of 1936 (as amended).
  • Valuations of a Businesses in term of acceptable procedures to determine the market price that a willing and able buyer will be prepared to pay for a business under current conditions.
  • Liquor License related advice is free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: We DON’T apply for a MOBILE Liquor License.
Refer to the article 
Mobile Liquor Licenses